Thursday, September 18, 2008

Up Date on Alex

Alex is doing good. Although he can not tackle with his football team, he still goes to the games as a water boy & to show his support. He also goes to the practices to run & exercise with them, & when they make a mistake or are caught goofing off & have to do push ups or run to the fence he does that as well, he also helps coach.


Sioux said...

So glad that he's doing OK and is able to enjoy the football season-even if it's at arms length! This is a darling pix of him; not recent is it?

vickers said...

So great to hear that Alex is doing well. He sounds like a really good sport and he is obviously a wonderful asset to his football team. His folks must be proud.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

Look at those teeth, still intact. I miss the little guy.