Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Game

We went to watch Alex's game Saturday they felt his neck had healed enough that he could play since was his last one , it was only after he ran with the ball and it took a few of the opposing team members to take him down that his neck bothered him a little but he got right back into the game. The short little video clip is of that play.
This cute scrapbook page was made up by AJ's Aunt Janda she is letting me use it thanks Janda!

And our little Noah sat cheering his big brother on in the shade.


"Jo" in many sizes said...

Yet another season I didn't get to see. The joy of working Saturdays. things might have to change when Hadley is old enough for rec sports.

Yeah Alex! Somewhat surviving another season!

vickers said...

You have the coolest "techie" blog. It is always an adventure to wade through your postings. Glad that Alex is obviously ALL BETTER.