Monday, December 31, 2012


We started our month of December off with our grandson Evan's 8 birthday on the third.
 He let his cousins help open some of his gifts.
Evan is very tall for his age  he is taller  than most  10 to 11 years old.

I was able to go enjoy Hadley's first Christmas program at her Elementary school .
  What great fun it was to watch  all the children perform.
 As much as the children wiggled and jiggled they still did a great  job.

Then among all the Christmas fun she got hit with a very painful abscessed tooth 
which meant spending time at the dentist.
I was able  to get some of my decorations out probably about a quarter of it was still in storage. 
 I'm getting really lazy about decorating  anymore.

And in case you do not recognise this room go back to this link we finally got it done!  We had to wait for the barn wood and beams to come out of Oregon so it ended up going more slowly than expected.  But I can say  now it is done we even have furniture in it.


Santa's long john's

Buttons, spools and thimble tree.

Tea pot angle tree.

This little  antique Christmas lantern was given to me.
from my Great Aunt Ivy on my Dad's  side.
It is one of my favorite things to put out every year.

My Santa quilt that I made a few years back.

Snowman tree in the background.

 The little pictures around my door are the Twelve Days of Christmas.
to be continued....onwards to Christmas.