Friday, April 18, 2014

Moments In Time

Early morning sunrise.

A little sparrow hawk that  was trapped up in the barn,
even once the doors were open it  took many attempts  for him to escape.

The little pond attracts many birds
and some who just want to have fun.
This will be our first time having baby chicks.  It was so fun we took a few grandkids to help pick them  out.

Wesley was not  sure she wanted to hold one.

How gentle she was holding this yellow ball of fluff.

Hadley and Noah thought they would both be brave and to go into the wolf den.
Even with all the spider webs  it did not stop them.

I think I could say it is official Spring Has Sprung!


We had our very own princess go to the ball.
and our other little princess watched with great concentration.

I got caught up in all the hype of the Blood Moon.
And I am still recovering  from being  out past  my bedtime.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit

Things have started to change at Skunk Hollow.
After many years of  no neighbors to share the hollow with now comes many neighbors and a blocked view of the  mountains.
Our privacy that we so enjoyed will be with people looking back at us. 
The building will become some sort of assisted living complex that will house those in need.
Don't know how my Mom and I feel about this and what my Dad would think of it.
Spring cleanup has started  on Angel Street.
 It has been a welcomed change for Dennis.
  After being cooped up working in the house he needed
 a distraction of working on the outside.

Before and After
 Dennis has removed some of the chain link fence
 and with the  help of two grandsons,
 Connor and Evan removed even more opening up grounds.

The wolf den that is pictured up above will be the
 next big thing to remove , it is cool to look at but sadly needs to go.
Seeing the property in spring does have it surprises popping out of the ground to enjoy.
 We sent  Evan around to count the  trees he came up with 230!
That is a lot of trees to clean up after every time the wind blows.

We are also working on the inside plunking along.
  We are getting a bed made and should have it some time this week and still in need of light fixtures for some of the  rooms as soon has we have some of the little  details done the pictures will follow........