Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My HaPPy EveR aFTeR KitcHen Remodel

These before and after pictures have been along time coming.
Life has had  some twist and turns since we got this home.
The process has been both frustrating and worth every minute of hard work.
Our children,  grandchildren, my Father-in-law, son-in-law and a nephew all made this happen.
 Dennis with his skills never ceases to amaze me.
The before picture of the kitchen in
 a home we
 bought in July 2013.
 It had carpet,
linoleum and white oak cabinetry.
We kept the layout pretty much the same.

 We removed the large picture window and
 turned it into a sliding glass door and enlarged the window  above the sink.


Looking at the back of the house you can also see where we took a door out of the
 laundry room and replaced it with a

Here is our transformation.
We added new cabinets, tile floor, brick back splash, granite countertops and new light fixtures.

The new appliances are called Slate .
 The hidden dishwasher that looks like it is a cupboard off to the side of the fridge with long handle.

This was the view we knew we had to change  we lengthened the wall to block the birds eye view into the quest bathroom.
These were the original stools that were left behind. With a little remodeling, paint and some vintage feed sacks to cover the old cushions they look  almost new.

The sign is made out of left over flooring.
 This was the name of a little store that Dennis's grandparents had during the depression era.
This is also their  stove,  it was the first big appliance they bought after they were married.
 It was given to Dennis  and it fits perfectly in this spot.

We wanted to have some of our light fixtures a little bit different than the normal ones you pick out of the store.
We went to an antique show  and found some matching oyster buckets added some galvanized  pipe and created this light fixture for above our table.
And with Pinterest the ideas are endless!

I found this antique hand pieced quilt top online and finally got the courage up to cut it in half to make this no sew window treatment.
 When I close them it looks like a stained glass window.
The rods are actually door handles off an old city building Dennis had to demolish for a job. I have had them for years and is my first time I have used them.

On the kitchen island I went with a  black distressed  look. Each color of cabinets also have different hardware. 

These are porch lights that we combined and backed with more of the leftover lumber from the wood floor that  we had installed in the great room.

I was able to find gallon sized Mason jars for the next fixture but realized the scale was a little to much over the top. Then  a second trip a few weeks later I found a smaller jar size.
 Which Dennis was able to turn this into another fun light fixture.

This  leads into the great room which
 I will get to at a later time along with some of the other rooms we have redone.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gone Fishing...

Dennis and I finally took a full day off from working on the house when we were invited to spend the day fishing up at Strawberry Reservoir .
One of the neatest places to pass through  is a place called Heber City
 it is full of beautiful old buildings.
  This one pictured below is the old city building.
 It had a few visitors there that morning as we passed through.
The turkey buzzards had found the perfect spot to warm up their bodies.
 I really had to chuckle once I could see what was under the one vulture with his wings spread out.
 It was one of those plastic owls that people put up to ward them off it works well.
Hadley was full of excitement to begin her day of fishing.
Brent and Kacy trying to find the perfect spot for the best fish.
Out of the six people fishing that day only Cheryl,  Brent's mom caught two fish
 and one of those had to be let go.
Wesley also was excited to fish but her excitement started at 4:00 in the morning with the constant hum of  chatter that continued through out the drive there, unloading , getting out on the water and then  her enthusiasm decided to take a  long nap.

As soon as their feet hit the ground you could see
 it in their eyes
 with  the  mud oozing up between their toes
 there was only one thing to do.

Wesley trying to figure out how to get the caked on mud off her little body.

It was a great day for both sets of grandparents to enjoy the day watching the girls. 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mornings on Angel Street

Nothing is better than mornings here on Angel Street.
Here we have the *All You Can Eat Breakfast Bar*
As you can see it  is a popular place.
My favorite flower that adds a touch of sunshine.
 Love the little specks of yellow in the center of this flower
 The inside of the coop has had its own transformation
we have enclosed a barn stall with chicken wire
hopefully to  keep them safe and raccoons out.
 On the outside I did a little decorating also with  The *Coop* sign made out of twigs.
The pictures below are the after picture.
 Sod has been laid and it  has opened up the lawn 
the before

I took all the branches from the curly willow tree that
was trimmed off and  arranged them above front door and  decorated it with  things of summer.
The next  two pictures of the garden on the south of the house.
 We just need to get some of the over growth managed.

You can not help but notice the big gap of trees out front we had to have
  three of them removed. I t feels a little bare now.

My grandson Connor has been helping us with many different things around the house. 
 He removed the old deck an got to spend one stinky day draining and cleaning the pond.


My Gallery Of Junk

continues to grow unlike my garden
Chicken 1 Pumpkin 0.