Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Old Homes

Many years ago I did a lot of cross-stitch therapy as I would call it, most everything I have stitched has been given away.I expressed earlier that I love old homes and it was for the love of old homes that I decided to try something. Dennis's parents live in a historic old home in Farmington. I thought it would be neat to cross-stitch their home but how would I get a pattern to do such a thing so I taught my self how to graph it out, then a woman I knew helped me pick out colors and showed me how I could blend 2-3 colors together to get the effects that I needed. This was before computer programs that are now available don't remember how many times I drew that house before I got it right. Then I had Dennis's three sisters help me stitch it so it could be from all of us. After that I did many of the families homes I started to graph for other people. One of the times I graphed one that was in upper state New York it was an amazing three story victorian in blue and white it is one house that I wished I had seen finished but never did.The other day going through my pictures I came across a home that I had graphed for a gal, I have done at least four others for her but this one I was really happy to see. It is an historic home in Farmington made out of the old adobe brick and rock. I talked the lady who stitched it into doing all the rocks individually so it has taken her a long time, but you can see her efforts were well worth it.

If you click on the picture you can see it has the Utah Historic Marker to the left of the window. This home has some meaning to my parents, they had driven up Farmington canyon which it s white knuckler of a drive and they had rolled the vehicle that I do believe belonged to mom's dad, this is the first house they could get to to get them some help. I wonder what Grandpa had to say about it?I guess I need to get all the houses I have done and get pictures of them so I can post them later on.


Sioux said...

I am amazed at all the different kinds of talents you have and the things you have done! I would definitely like to see the fotos of the other homes that you did. The Forbush, and Grandma Spencer's old house were a couple of my fave's.

vickers said...

What a collection that would make to see all your handiwork. Like the old saying, "The devil is in the details", but the details definitely make the art a masterpiece. You are quite the artist Whitey.

Sioux said...

If anyone has a little of the devil in her, it's Whitey!