Monday, September 15, 2008

Montana Wedding Bells

What a whirlwind of a weekend loaded up the car with my Mom, sister Janette, daughter Kacy and her daughter Haddie and headed for the blue skies of Montana for the wedding of my niece Cali Chey.

It started out great till just on the other side of Idaho Falls, or its other name Hells Half Acre when all of a sudden it sounded like an F-16 was landing on top of the car. My back tire blew out going 80 miles an hour first time this has ever happened to me I do not even remember switching lanes or how I got into the emergency lane . When I think of what could have happened going at that speed we were very lucky. Two wonderful gentleman came to our rescue ( I know my Dad would have been very disappointed in me for not changing my own tire sorry Dad) but even they had difficulty due to poor instructions that came with the jack. I would really like to thank those guys for risking their lives and and taking the time to help us.
That put us a little behind, we were picking up the bride and taking her with us so Kacy could do her hair but in the end it wall worked out what a beautiful bride she was and the back drop to where she had her outdoor wedding was amazing. Here are some snap shots.

The gossip circle

Little *J0* & Big *Jo*

This girl has talent she can all so do a mean robot dance!
Fayth and Haddie, a great-great granddaughter and great granddaughter to my parents.
The Jensen Family.
Kadie and the men in her life.
Wedding party
The happy couple


KickButtMommy said...

Very pretty wedding. I love the setting and what cute colors and outfits!

vickers said...

Whitey, you go from near death on the highway to a gorgeous wedding all in one day. Never a dull moment in your family. Glad the wedding had such beautiful weather, too.
And to the good Samaritans on the highway.....thanks from all of us.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

good pictures, mom. I'd like some copies, maybe I will just come burn a disc...