Monday, September 29, 2008

Rare Photos of Utah Prairie Dogs

I was able to capture the prairie dogs as they popped their little heads up in search of one another.

Okay I guess you can tell we were at the zoo.

With Paige it is all about the pose it is not an advertisemnet for Barbie or licorice
The brave girl faced the ferocious lion with a blood curdling snarl. The lion spit in fear.

The three musketeers
Howler monkeys
Scab on the end of the nose is courtesy of Grandma's front porch from the night before .
A day at the zoo and one tuckered out little girl.



"Jo" in many sizes said...

I love the zoo and am so glad it helped me get my book done. Thanks for going w us mom. was fun...

Kare Bear said...

It was a fun day But my head is still hurting from bonking it in those prairie holes.

vickers said...

Could NOT figure out the prairie holes. I was trying to figure out what you had done to your yard to make those tunnel holes.
Your girls are cute and so ready for fun. You must have a great time with all your grandkids. Lucky you that you are all living in the same state.

Cookie said...

what beautiful grandchildren! I can see the happiness in their eyes ♥