Monday, September 15, 2008

September 7th Alex's Weekend

Alex's Weekend written by JD

So Alex's Saturday was great, his football team won there first game, Alex ran the football across the goal line twice, only scored once, the other was not counted do to a penalty on our team. He also did a lot of great blocking & tackling.
Sunday started out good to. Alex, his grandpa Dennis, his uncle Kyle & I got the horses loaded up for a ride.took a two hour drive up to the Uintas, where we saddled them up & headed out for a nice easy ride. Temperature was good, lack of bugs were good. I was a little nervous because this was Dennis's first ride on his horse since he got it back from the trainer who had worked out the bugs from the previous incident. Alex has rode with grandpa a lot ,this was my first time riding with him in the hills. Beautiful day. Alex had a squirrel call & was using it along the trail to communicate with his little buddies. Two hours into the ride things turned south. I was in the lead, Alex behind me, grandpa behind him Kyle off to the left rear. I went around the top of a pine tree dead fall, heard Alex yell & I turned around in time to see him going under the top of the tree that was just a few inches above his saddle horn. He got a cut on his throat & a few good scrapes around on his chest. He stayed in the saddle, thank God.
Lil cowboy didn't even loose his hat. We got him off the saddle got him bandaged up & back on the saddle for the longest two hour ride back to the truck then down to Park City to the doc in the box. Where we were told to take him to Primary children's. So we drove him down there. Got him checked in , they got an IV in him, did a CT scan on him, everything was OK, then sedated him for 7 stitches on the inside & 15 on the outside.
I personally would like to thank God, there are only a couple ways yesterday could have gone better, but there are hundreds of ways it could have gone worse & for that I am grateful.

Pictures are not for the faint of heart.

the last picture is the top of the tree that got Alex that grandpa cut off


vickers said...

What a horrible thing to happen to Alex. How did it happen? Was it the horse's fault, just dumb luck, inexperience on the trail, etc? You are correct in knowing that Alex was divinely protected at the time of the accident and during the hours spent getting medical attention. Thankful that he is going to be all right, but what a scar!!

Tiff said...

Oh my gosh, that's awful! What a trooper he was, wow!
Glad everything turned out okay, bless his heart....

vickers said...

How's Alex doing today? Been thinking of him....he's a tough guy.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

Yet another reason to stay home. We are currently on the lookout for a tower in a land far, far away, to lock Hadley up in. Till she is the same age as me. Then she can go horseback riding...