Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Special Delivery

Christmas came a little early this year

we are celebrating the arrival of our 12th grand child.

 Love at first sight

In my daughters own words
"Hadley, Wesley, Brent and I would like to introduce our officially named baby girl: Monroe Ila .
Monroe after a small central Utah town with so many sweet memories for me.
 My great-grandparents, dirt roads, raking leaves and playing with cousins.
 Ila after Brent's sweet grandmother, who he also has so many great memories of.
 A name full of sweet memories for both of us."

Monday, July 13, 2015

Finally !

I found a salvage yard about forty minutes away from home that had some things I was interested in for lights but completely changed my mind when I seen two old tire rims. 
This  would complete the look  I was  wanting for the master bedroom.
And as usual with Dennis's brains he was able  to read my mind an produce exactly what I wanted, they turned out  perfect.

It was time to re-invent my old screen door I hung it horizontal on my kitchen wall and added a little collage  of summer time collections.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Rustic Charm

Well it is official we have  been in the new home for a year.
Time is forever speeding by,  projects are still waiting to get done.
So lets get started by showing the before and after pictures of the master bathroom.

 This was the view looking in

and reframing the shower.
The after view!
We added old red barn wood from a barn we tore down a few years back.
 We aged the metal for bottom of the walls  and made the light fixture. 


The tile we used looks like wood in gray colors.
This cupboard is recycled from the kitchen I used Annie Sloan
  chalk paint and some distressing techniques.


 This light fixture we used outdoor porch lights mounting them on more you guessed it more barn wood along with the little scene above it that Dennis made.

The tile on the floor is the same we have in the kitchen.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Out West

Where the wild horses roam, jack rabbits jump , lizards scurry underneath
 the sage brush and ticks don't bite. 
Wonderful day to be out in the west desert.