Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yep I can cross this one off my bucket list been there done that, all though at the time I did not know I was going there or I may have had second thoughts. I have not been on a horse now for over six weeks so over the weekend Dennis and I headed off to the mountains. The usual place up to Pretty Valley sounds pleasant right? Well once in Pretty Valley the next question is to you want to go the Hells Hole? I told Dennis I didn't like the sound of it, but once again I put my big girl britches on and away we went. It was not to bad till we got to a steep trail that had slippery wet dirt , very tight sharp turns and exposed roots that you needed to maneuver over. Well I watched Dennis go down and I thought NO WAY! I know - I KNOW - I KNOW horses are like a four wheel drive, they have four legs to balance on but at the time it did not matter. So I chose to dismount then tried to get out of the way of the horse in case he went tumbling down. I gave Dennis the lead rope so he could pull my horse behind him then I slid down the rest of the trail on my butt holding on to what ever little brush I could grab to keep me from tumbling down into back-end of my horse. Of course I have no pictures to prove just how scary this was for me. One day I would love to take pictures of some of the scary situations I have been in but for some reason I think holding onto life is far more important than pictures of probable death. Once down the trail onto some flat land I got back up on the horse then the next thing to come out of Dennis's mouth was "Do you want to got see the waterfall? "

Well of course who does not like a picture of a water fall until I seen the trail that led to it. Cowboy boots are not the best thing to hike in is my opinion, but one more time he talked me into following him down this trail which was pretty steep , then this green rope appears ( not a good sign) so the next task at hand is to grip onto the rope , hold on for dear life and slowly but surely move on down. Yes the waterfall was nice but by the time I got down the trail I was shaking so hard from the effort it had taken me to get there that the picture was a disappointment, and I am not going back. They say when you come close to death and your life flashes before your eyes you see the world differently. As we came down the mountain I was feeling lucky that nothing had happened. I could not help but notice all the wild flowers were blooming so I stopped along the way to snap pictures, usually by this time of year they have dried up, but due to the longer than normal wet summer they were still beautiful.

Yes life is good!

When one of my sons found out that Dennis had taken me there he wanted to know if I had been taken to Prayer Rock?

No I told him, but why on earth is it called that?

JD's reply

"You need to say one before you go over it".

I think I will skip that one.

Do not know what these little bugs are but they looked like a black ladybug with heads that looked they they were made of gold.

Does this not look like a Tiffany glass lamp shade?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scottish Festival

Was able to attend my first Scottish festival on June 11th . I was not feeling to well that day and by the time I got back home I was hit with the chills and spent the next three days down and out. I have not been sick for at least three years and this hit hard. Still have it, the doctor says it will take two weeks to get over it. It was still fun to hear all the bands marching around playing their music it was really neat. Then there was another band that we listened to quite a bit they were called the Wicked Tinkers really enjoyed them also.

Kyle & Khloe

Alex, Justin and Noah

No this is not snow blowing around in the video it was from the trees and it was making everyone miserable

Sunday, June 5, 2011

photos of the day

Pictures from over the Memorial weekend, I visited the Bountiful cemetery three times , Eden, Layton and two of the Morgan cemeteries it was cold and snowy for the most part. We even had some lake front property for a short time with the spring run off .
Looks like we might be getting some warm weather finally I am not going to complain to much after the devastation of the tornadoes that have hit some of our states. It is unreal to see just how much damage has occurred.
Evan has pulled his first tooth he called me with the news so I asked his Mom to bring him over so I could get some pictures of him. From the time of the first wiggle to being pulled was a day, unlike Paige's first tooth that took at least one month!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


May 28 2011 Operation Bandit
Memorial Holiday weekend
Every thing was in place
Baby monitor
Bird seed
Apple slices covered with peanut butter
At 2300 hours I was awakened by the perpetrator as he entered the premises, triggering my in depth alarm. I jumped out of bed and tiptoed oh so quietly as not to be detected by this little varmint. When I approached the window I could see the trespasser gorging himself on bird food. My heart raced as I approached my camera, with fingers crossed in hopes that he would not hear me . I worried if the settings that I picked out for my camera ahead of time would work. For the next hour I witnessed the delinquent stuff his little cheeks, snapping pictures, gathering evidence. Then I got to work processing the pictures until 3:00am

May 29 2011 Another night of surveillance weather forecast rain (yes it still is raining) would it detour the critter? Same M.O. Once again like clock work the bandit struck again.