Monday, September 22, 2008

On The Other Side of this Mountain

On the other side of this mountain range lies a beautiful spot called Morgan. My mother has a strong family ties with this town both her parents were from this area, so I have lots of memories going over the mountain to visit. I loved this town so much that if I ever had a daughter she would be named Morgan, but the day she was born she just did not look like a Morgan so I chickened out. For some strange reason when I go there I have a sense of home I would love to live there maybe one day or be buried there buying a very small plot is about all I could afford to buy.
Friday when we went up to celebrate Aunt Joye's birthday I took some pictures and thought I would share them.

Many family members have hiked up to the "M" on Memorial Day it has been a tradition among some, so far I have not done it, I guess I should put that on my *bucket list* . The south Morgan cemetery lies beneath this M.

This area is called Peterson another piece of heaven.

This is the house that my grandmother lived in. It is a beautiful home. As a child I always wanted to get up to the porch but we were never allowed up there, we were told it was not safe. I love old homes don't know if I would like to live in one but I do love to look and take pictures of them. My father -in-law lives in an old historic home and he claims that"The only thing that works in an old home is the owner!"

This home is just a few doors down from the blue one it was also in the Heiner family at one point in time do not now if it is now.

This is my Great-Great- grandfather's grave we noticed he has had a little emblem placed on it.I will guess it has something to do with his pioneer heritage. Maybe someone out there knows more about it than I.

This is the new addition that they have built onto the historic rock church. They have done the most amazing job matching the new rock and mortar to the old.

The front of the building to the last big window is the original I do believe

As Susan and I were roaming about the cemetery I came across this marker do not know who it was but it is a beautiful marker, sad knowing that she had died when she was 17.


KickButtMommy said...


Tiff said...

What beautiful pictures, how wonderful to be able to live in such a peaceful place as that.
Thank you for the comment on my blog, I checked out that post and Ricky Scaggs song, as suggested, both of them really touched me, thank you for passing them on to me.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

Lets hike to the M. We can do it.

Did you notice that marker says "wife of Leroy Jones"? She was married at 17 also?

Maybe I can name my next baby Morgan. Morgan Monroe, get two done with one name.

vickers said...

Thank you Whitely, for the trip down memory lane. It is nice to see that some things don't change that much with time.

Loved your FIL's comment about the only thing working in an old home is the owner. So true, so true.

Sioux said...

The drive up there was so relaxing and particularly nice, cuz if either you or I saw something we wanted a pix of, you pulled right over. Most the time, I have to wait until the return trip/or next trip-whichever comes first! The valley is beautiful, and like your Mom said, "I wish that I had appreciated it more when I lived up here". Thanks for letting me tag along!

FRYBABY said...

I told Tony the other day that I thought we should move to Morgan. Teri and I went up there all of the time and I have very favorable memories there. What a beautiful place it is! Thanks for sharing!