Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This is a baby quilt that I made for a friend who was having a little girl close to Valentines Day could not resist the cute material it was perfect! I used raw edge applique for the flowers, so they will fray out a little when washed.

This is the one I made for Noah I cheated a little by finding a pre-printed panel but it was perfect for this little guy and if he is anything like his big brother he will be operating one of these machines at a young age.I machined quilted using a variegated thread matching the colors in the material did some hand quilting using a bigger stitch length pieced the back of quilt using more of the cute materials.

For Hadley I made this wall hanging. I looked through many books taking little ideas from them and putting it together. One of the sayings I got was from this site so if you like Homespun & Primitive patterns go check her out.

I have always loved quilts but when I got to know Dennis's grandmother Afton I became I guess you can say obsessed with them. I am sure she would be shocked to see the huge quilting machines that they have now a days she would hand quilt her own sometimes she would take them down to the senior citizens center and have her friends help her quilt them I know she made a quilt for each of her grandchildren and more. At Kacy's wedding we displayed some of her quilts and some from other grandmothers from the other side of the family it was wonderful to see their work and have a little piece of them their that day.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Memories of Clifford and Afton

This is one of my favorite pictures of Dennis's grandparents.If I recall right this was taken right after they had secretly gone off to get married. I think they had been married a week or two before they told anybody. What great memories my family has had in Monroe with this great couple. From deer hunting, fishing, raking big piles of leaves just to jump into, tire swings, walking down to the old drug store with it's old wood creaky floor and Grandma's chocolate cake, the outhouse out back and the beautiful old home in which they lived. And mostly the love they gave. Most of all I love how Afton is looking at him.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Are My Sunshine

This song is a favorite song that has been sung by many generations in our family, it was also sung by all the great grandchildren at my Fathers grave the day he was buried so it really has a sentimental meaning even more.At this point in time I have 11 sunshine's (grandchildren) in my life. Haddie was born shortly before my Dad died, she was born in the same hospital that he passed away at. So I have a lot of emotional baggage that comes with this little girl. When Kacy went back to work I had offered to help take care of her, I did not know at the time it would be Haddie who took care of me while trying to deal with the depression of my Dad's death. This is one of the things I wrote shortly after he died it was at his funeral when my son Jared was giving a talk and he mentioned that Kacy had prayed that my Dad would still be here so he could meet this sweet baby girl, yes her prayer was answered.

This is our little Haddie not only does she light up my life she also lights up Grandma Spencer's and Grandma and Grandpa Forbush!

"At Heavens Gate" this was written after the birth of Noah he came into this world at the same time we were coming up on our one year anniversary of Dads passing it made me stop and think if by chance they had the opprotunity to meet

Tagged Yikes!!

Tiff At Making Room for Serendipity ( tagged me have no idea what it is so I am going to try and see if I am smart enough to do it
These are the rules which need to be passed on
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My Daughter took it upon her self to come up with these amazing facts about me.

Yes, Mother. You have been tagged. Lets hear 6 strange things about you!
1.lip reading/repeating twirler
3.(once was an) avid dough eater
4. on the pot phone talker
5. horse/baby whisperer
6.wonderful grandma and mom
7.circus peanuts hat wearin rodeo queen (kinda, but I would like to see that crazy dance again) are like my favorite Cadbury Egg minis, sometimes hard and crunchy on the outside but soft, melty and creamy on the inside. But you feel free to revise my list if you would like...
10.I will add one of my own I would love to live in a tree house or a barn now I am sure everybody will know how weird I am.

Now the six taggets I am tagging

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Work boots by *JO*

This is another picture of my Dads boots that Kacy had taken that I loved.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Janette

This is our sister Nettie I would guess by her body language
she is giving us some sisterly advise being the caring loving sister that she is! I am sure she is telling me how stupid I look in the cowboy hat, after all that is what sisters are for.

Here is our Aunty Sue giving her a big hug. You guys spent a lot of time in the Lagoon photo booths.(like way to much time)

Happy Birthday Sis hope you are having fun some where!

60th Wedding Anniversary

The Memory Garden came about from an idea that Ina Denice had, she called me one day all excited with a plan. She already had an airplane ticket to come home for which was supposed to be Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary, Dad died 43 days before we could celebrate that day, so she wanted to do something special for Mom. She came up with the plan of the Garden, so I spread the word and we started the Memory Garden. Below are the results of a great plan thanks Sis for your idea

Memory Garden

Gardens, like grandmas, have stories to share
grandma, your garden is going to have a lot to say.

You and grandpa have had lots of love and happy times,
so we wanted you to have a happy spot in your wonderful garden

These stones tell a story, each made with love, lots of smiles, and many great memories in mind.
They will be here in your garden for years to come, to remind you of our great family, giggle at great memories, but mostly to remember the wonderful love you have shared with our dad, gramps, great gramps and great great gramps
(written by Jo read by McKaela the day of party)

All in a row

pumpkin by me, sunshine by Denice

Brodie, Annie and Aidan

Breanna, Mason, Karsyn


JD standing in for Alex

Brianna, Gunner, McKaela....Nolan, Kyleigh Jo and Connor

Payton & Paige

Hadley Jo

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday Cards For Great-Grandpa

Payton and Paige two of my little granddaughters made some wonderful cards for my Dad click on them so you can read them easier. You can not help but smile at their sweet little words. Then we finally got our little Haddie bug to sit still for a split second next to her is Noah, Paige and Payton. They sang Happy Birthday and had a great time.

August 7th,1928

With my very first post I discussed the fact that I was getting over my Dad's death, still trying to get over it yes it is getting a little better. Yes I am still upset about the treatment he received at the first hospital and still brings tears to my eyes when I think of what they did to him or what they did not do for him. August 7 should have been his 80th birthday. When we went to pick out his headstone we were in hope that it would be in place for his birthday and sure enough it was. I remember the day Mom called and told me we could go down to see it. All the emotion that flooded my brain and the words that started to come, this was going to make it very real that he was there. Don't know how to describe it but I was literally shaking with my thoughts of him.Yes we talked to a law firm about my Dad's case, but they are in it to make money ,they turned us down stating that most men do not live beyond 75 if he had been a younger man with children to support they would have taken the case. So basically we did not have a case other than our voices to tell our story. That is when I decided to have my cousin Heidi make us up some shirts . I call them our medic alert shirts in case we can not speak for ourselves our shirts will speak for us! At the anniversary of my Dad's death my son Kyle wore his shirt up the the ER room and had his picture taken (gotta love that kid) . When ever we wear our shirts in public people ask us why we have them , then we tell our story then they tell us their story about the treatment they or their loved ones received. I can not believe all the horror stories that come out of that ER room. I wish I would have had people signing our shirts that had bad experiences at that hospital. We know police officers and paramedics that will not let there family go there. When we went back and talked to the first medics that took care of Dad they were shocked to find out what the ER had done. I know I need to move on but I just needed to vent.

This is Heidi's art spot go check her out and her Cafe Press store

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We got some sad news today Dad's dog that has been living in Montana with Kadie and her family had an accident and did not make it. Why did this happen the day before Dad's birthday? I would like to think she is where she needed to be. When Kadie took Kelp up with her it was an answered prayer for my Mom. She had been struggling as what to do with the dog. Her hands and shoulder were suffering in pain trying to hold on to her, and the day Kadie called Mom and said she would take her up to be with Spencer her young son for he was in need of a dog it was bitter sweet to know she was going to a good home , but sad to know Mom would be alone was hard. What great friends they became with all of Kadies kids, she would tell us many stories of how Kelpie would keep track of them and how she trusted her . This was a poem I wrote for Spencer they day I found out she was going to him. Yes Spencer A smile from Heaven came today, Dad is happy. Please hop over and read about Kadies family

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Spencer Quilt
With Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary approaching I decided I wanted to try my hand in making them a quilt. I knew what I wanted to start with and that was their pictures after that it was a free for all. I am not a mathematical genius so when it comes to drafting and sizing it was all trial and error, I am a 'What if-er' (what if I could do this or what if I could add that). I did hand embroidery, fusible applique (because I was to chicken to try traditional applique) and paper piecing. Starting in the center is of course the young couple, next the hands and hearts represent the four daughters, the boat and heart are Mom and Dad's birthday blocks August for Dad, February for Mom. The bottom blocks are hobbies Dad's is fishing and Mom is a spool of thread. The outer corner blocks are the sister's birthday blocks Cheryl -December , Janette-August, Ina Denice and I are November. Now this is where I get lucky all the children going around are grandchildren and great grandchildren I started in birth order the oldest which was a girl and then the next boy it worked out evenly ! Hardest part picking out all the clothes for them to wear, all the girls have little gold charm hearts for necklaces.

Forbush quilt

This one is for Dennis parents I was a little lucky for this one the Idaho Falls temple was a pattern that I found so I did not have to draft this one up, which made my life easy. The top corner blocks are pictures of his parents about the same age, bottom blocks are their graduation pictures the oak branches represent the four seasons as to which their children were born in and an acorn for each child. The outer border are wedding pictures and marriage certificate, and bottom are pictures of the young family.

I added the embroidery work to the temple and found a little Moroni tie tack for the top I all so did traditional applique for the oak branches.
This is the quilt label that I made up staying with the oak tree idea having all family members sign there names that were present that day.

This is a quilt that a neighbor hired me to make for her parents, the top outer corner blocks are the states they were born potato for Idaho and beehive for Utah bottom corner blocks are hobbies watering can for her and golf for him. If I remember right they had three children two sons one daughter the rest of the blocks are grandchildren The other blocks are the marriage certificate and the Salt lake temple which I did draft myself and a poem about families are forever.