Sunday, April 28, 2013

Iosepa, Utah

When ever we have been headed out to the west desert
I have seen this sign
and wanted to check it out. 
Got my wish  a few weeks ago
This little spot is rich with Utah history.

 Of course I can never not take pictures of the new calves
 Being a little bit timid
Going to call this one Creamsicle after the yummy ice cream bars as I grew up with as a child.
A Creamsicle® is a frozen dessert with a vanilla ice cream core and a fruit sherbet coating. The classic Creamsicle® flavor combination is orange and vanilla, although numerous variations on this premise can be found in stores.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Six Years

      I think of all the changes that have taken place in my life since this video was made by Charlene.
     I did not think I could suffer as much sorrow as the unexpected death of my Dad.
      Since Dads death the family has gone through many changes.
     Broken hearts, broken marriages, broken bodies
      that were healed and repaired.
Life has been altered.
     Other family  members  that have passed on.
      My Dad's oldest surviving sister hardly remembers
      who we even are.
      I have added three more grandchildren to my branch of the family tree!
       Mom an Dad  gained their second great-great-granddaughter !
     So life continues.

"Not everything will be okay, but some things will"

Finding happiness in the small things in life keeps us all going forward.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Humphrey, Idaho

 Humphrey is an unincorporated community in
 Clark County, Idaho, United States.
Humphrey is located along Interstate 15 near
the Monida Pass. It is 9.1 miles north-northwest of Spencer
Union Pacific once had an icemaking plant at Humphrey, Idaho, which is now a ghost town.
Monida, Montana, which is near the top of the
pass, is also almost a ghost town.
Only seven people now living Monida.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 Times like this I wish I was brave enough to  hop the fence for a closer look.

 While editing this  photo I thought I had a UFO up in the arch but with closer inspection it appears to be debris hanging  from the rafters.

Storm moving in.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The act of saying farewell...

Steve was my first brother-in-law and coming from a family of all girls having a man in the family other than my  Dad was a new experience for  us all. Even though he was later divorced from my sister it did not change a whole lot to me, my children still thought of him as "Uncle Steve".

Steve talked me into going on my first cattle drive, even though I was 8 months pregnant he reassured me that he was capable of delivering my baby. I could just see him tying me up to a fence post and hooking some wench onto the baby like I had seen him do to calves.
 Lucky for me I did not have to deliver 
up there in Wyoming some where on a mountain top.
 I enjoyed the adventure. 
 Thank you Steve for the part you played in my life.
 Have a great time in the Big Round Up in the Sky.

Steve passed away peacefully at his home in Lima, 
surrounded by family on
 Thursday, March 21, 2013.
 He moved to Lima 34 years ago and took his cattle business with him. 

I have been up to the ranch on different occasions  weddings, baptisms and graduations.  
When I have been  there for graduations it is really neat 
to see the whole town come out to support the seniors as they embark on their new journeys. 
I was really surprised the first time I was there to witness the
 graduating class consisting of  six, two of which were related to me!

These pictures of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. 
Two of his oldest grandsons escorted him out of town on their horses as the rest followed in a vehicle.

He was then brought  back to Utah and laid to rest in his home town of Farmington.

Pictures from the surrounding area.
Lima Peaks the mountains that he loved.

Sunrise shadows

The Handy Man tree, he at least knows where all his tools are.