Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Great-Aunt Joye's Birthday!

My Great-Aunt Joye will be celebrating her 84th birthday with some of her family up in the beautiful town of Morgan this Friday. Joye is a sister to my Grandmother Ina Hattie, one of the other sisters was my Aunt Dott. These two ladies are the closest thing I have had in getting to know what my grandmother was like, she had died at an early age before I was born. Over the years I have loved to listen the stories they would tell about Grandma Ina. I would like to think she was a equal mix of them both.
As a child my Mom would go places with Joye, on one occasion she had taken my Mom up to Bear Lake, which resulted in a bad sunburn, no fault of Joye's but she took her home to Morgan and took care of her while she healed. But the fondest memories Mom has is Joye taking her to Como Springs. Como was the hot spot years ago you could swim, roller skate, there were even some rides and it was a good place to get a hamburger. Mom says Joye was the best roller skater around.
My Aunt Joye has a zest for life, she is computer savvy ,she loves jokes and she loves to play card games to keep herself active and she tells it like it is.
Hope you have a great birthday Aunt Joye!


Sioux said...

Well you have the faster trigger finger, as you beat me to this tribute this morning. I wish Aunt Joye the happiest of birthdays, and am so thankful for our relationship with her and her family.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

Happy Birthday Great Aunt Joye. Hope it was wonderful!

vickers said...

Joye may have been a great skater in the Como Springs day but my dad was the rink master there and literally skated circles, backward and forward, around everyone. Didn't know that Aunt Joye is younger than my dad....learn something new everyday.

Have a great birthday Aunt Joye, you young thing, you!

FRYBABY said...

Como Springs was so much fun...except for the creepy, dark and slimy indoor pools! I was always afraid of what might be lurking at the bottom! Sorry we missed out on the birthday party!