Saturday, June 30, 2012

WiLD HoRSes of the Cedar Mountain Range

June 2012

It could not have been a more perfect day. A cold front had moved in and we figured we could get back out to the west desert and try once again to spot the wild horses before the heat of summer set in. Our first sign of wild life was a scene right out of the Mormon history stories when the seagulls swooped in to save the crops from the crickets.

As we got closer to the turn off we could see a mass of white in the middle of the road, as we approached they all took flight and no sooner had we passed they filled the space right back in behind us, they were getting their bellies full of crickets that were hopping down the road.

Once on our horses we rode up on a lone antelope and followed him for a while. Then we spotted a small band of horses not too long after the antelope, they quickly disappeared so we started to trail them, in a little while they vanished from our site, we started up a knoll and seen another larger herd. They were headed our way so Dennis told tell me to get off the horse and creep up the hill so I could get pictures. The sound of them snorting and whinnying back and forth was amazing. I jumped off my horse and tried to keep close to the ground so I would not be spotted. When I just about to the top, I could hear really loud snorting, this time they knew I was there. I didn't know whether to pop up or not for fear they would stampede me into the ground. Sure enough I got to the top and there was the roan and the little paint standing there watching me just then they started to come even closer, it was me thinking of hightailing it out of there.

Dennis finally came up to where I was; we were surrounded by the horses. There was band of ten to the south of us, another 8 to the west and another 10 to the north; we sat up there for over an hour watching them watch us!

Dennis took advantage of the second camera and shot me taking pictures . 
 Yep that's me hiding in plain site!



Yvonne said...

It seems you got really lucky this time spotting so many wild horses. They sure are beautiful! You do have a funny way of hiding!

Donna said...

Those are gorgeous creatures! You were really lucky to get so close to them!