Friday, June 22, 2012

University of Utah Natural History Museum

Since Kacy's family has become basement dwellers in our home we have increased our size by two adults two screaming-giggly girls and a dog, so on her days off we try to take some kind of adventure and AJ my other grandson decided he would tag along and herd the little ones for us.
So we thought of what we should do and decided to go up to see the new museum.
What a wonderful place if you ever visit Utah please check this place out I could probably spend at least three days there looking at all the wonderful displays they have.
From the fossils to Native American exhibits, to fun interactive things for the kids to do, the see through floors you can walk on, I could go on and on but since I really hate to write. The four story high display it breathtaking.

Hadley says she liked the long necked dinosaurs the best. And she told her mom while driving in the car a few days later, "Mom! That was so cool when we went to that dinosaur museum! Remember we saw real-live paleontologists!"

Wesley loved this display, you turn he crank and it rains on a model of the  Salt Lake Valley you can see how the rains water
drains and spreads across the valley.

Just look at the beautiful facility this even from the observation deck
you see the valley below.
Garden roof top to solar panels the design of this building is awesome .

Wesley said she liked the little moccasins.

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Yvonne said...

That looks amazing! So much to see and do. I always loved the days we spent visiting museums when Kelly was a child. Fun you can do it with your grandkids now. It must be a full house at your place now!