Thursday, June 14, 2012

*Dear Photograph*

This is the book *Dear Photograph* that was released May *8th of this year, in side on page 178 is a picture of Ruth Spencer she was my Dad's oldest sister . I re-took her original picture when she stood in front of the old  Bountiful Tabernacle. link back to Ruth.

Dear Photograph,
I want the world to know you, Ruth, because you made a difference in my Dad's Life. He missed you greatly when you died at age nineteen. Life wasn't easy and yet you gave my Dad many fond memories, like going to the zoo and art classes. I know you're an angle now, because I believe you were one here on earth, I wish I could've known you.


Donna said...

aaaaww, this is so sweet I want to cry! She was a beautiful gal!

Yvonne said...

You always make me cry with your beautiful posts Whitey! What a sweet thing to say about the grandmother you never knew. My dad was 9 when his mother died. I only know her from visiting her grave and look at the photo of her on her tombstone. My mother is burried with her now and I am sure they are angels too.
Btw I love that navajo proberb too. I love them, next year I will be in the Navajo reservation again, I will try to find a book there then with those proverbs in it. Last year I bougth a cd with navajo music, so beautiful!