Tuesday, August 2, 2011

HoMe oN LeAve

Our niece Hannah was home for a short visit from where she is stationed in Germany.

The street where she lives was lined with flags, yellow ribbons and balloons. And a big family waiting for her.

Kari and I were asked to shoot some family pictures while everyone was here.

What fun it was having this big family together .

They are an amazing family each and everyone of them.


Yvonne said...

What a beautiful pictures you have made again of your family. You can see the love for them in it. Love the quote at the last picture!
You must be real proud of your niece for serving your country.

Vickers said...

"Hoorrah!" for the US Army. Where in Germany was she stationed? Will she be home long or is she only on leave?

Mom said...

Hannah just left SLC for Germany, but will be reassigned to a southern state in February. Clydene, you did a great job with the pictures and your magic camera. I think the wooden backgrouond is the old shed and am speechless that it is still standing. I love what you do and love you, too!!