Monday, August 8, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again

Monte Cristo
Lightning Ridge
July -31-20111
We went riding up further north this time I was amazed at how green it still is usually by now the mountains are losing their color from the dry heat but instead the mountain flowers were still blooming. The mosquitoes we not bad as long as you kept moving and there was a slight breeze. It is hard to imagine that school is ready to start and fall is right around the corner.

Middle Fork Canyon

July- 24-2011

One of those great shots you think you are getting then when you get home and download them you find a branch right in the middle of your shot.

This is a snake I seen, he was up in the tree right above our heads.
We came across another rattle snake, Dennis seen it first and started yelling at me to get my camera out. As I fumbled with it trying to get it out of my saddle bag , trying to focus on what he was seeing in the brush , I was down to 3 pictures on my memory card and the camera started acting funny so the first few pictures I got did not turn out. So once again trying to fumble with my camera on top of a horse that is dancing around trying to change the memory card and worry if the snake was going to bite my horse, Dennis started yelling at me again to get off the horse and go after the snake and my first thought was NO then *HELL NO! * so then HE SAID "Throw ME the camera so I can get the pictures!" What are you crazy? I like my camera to much. So I told him no again!

Warming up in the morning sun.


Yvonne said...

You are so lucky to live where you live! Those flowers and wildlife is amazing! My favourites are the Indian paintbrushes. Walking into a rattlesnake is not something I would go for though! I really enjoyed all your amazing pictures.

Mike and Kadie Briggs said...

Not only would it have been a no, but a HELL NO for me as well. I wouldn't have even stuck around to take 1 picture. But then again, I HATE SNAKES. My horse wouldn't have let me take one either. You are a braver woman than I!
The pictures are AMazInG!!!

Kare Bear said...

wow your one brave women!!! definitely not a fan of the snake picture!!!!even the thought of snakes makes me wanna pee my pants and run :)