Saturday, August 13, 2011

Uinta Mountains

This is the mountain range my Dad loved .

So it was only appropriate that when we set out that day to go ridding

this is where we ended up .
His birthday.
Up in the mountains that he loved.
Dennis, Kyle and I talked about it on the way up it takes at least two hours to get there so I had a lot of time to think about my Dad.
With Kyle with us I can not help but think of the time that he and Will got my Dad up on a horse not to long before he had passed

(much to my horror when I found out about it later).

Once again the wild flowers were still showing off their colors.

A wonderful day.
As we drove home I snapped pictures of the beautiful scenery along the way.
Why is it I can get better pictures moving at 50 miles an hour and I can not get good ones of a fast moving toddler?
I finished the day off going with Mom, my sister Denice and Dale to the cemetery.
Denice sent off balloons with a message ,
one sunflower from the garden
and sent it off.
Heaven Bound.


tiffany said...

Beautiful tribute post!

Nettie said...

Yes, it was a beautfiul post! I missed being here on what would have been Dad's birthday. Nathan and I talked a lot about his Grandpa as well. We had a beautiful drive down through Arkansas that day and couldn't help but think other than the hot and high humidity, Dad would have enjoyed the drive down through all the trees and green hills.

Vickers said...

You have beautiful men around you; your sons, your husband, and your dad. Happy Birthday to your dad and sweet memories to you and your family.

Yvonne said...

I can totally understand that your Dad loved those mountains! What great memories you must have and what a great trip you have made with your husband and son. The pictures you have made are awsome.
Love the saying above your blog, true words again!

heartland farmhouse said...

Your pictures are simply beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a sweet comment.
God Bless~

*Sorry about your father...I'm sure you miss him!