Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"

I feel like this summer has gone by so quickly I feel I am running late on life.
We have yet another birthday to celebrate.
When it was time to plant this summer I had some restrictions of what I could do put on my by a doctor.
I could not to lift anything over ten pounds.
Do you know how impossible that is?
That meant no grandbabies, no gardening, or housework (YEA) but very frustrating.
So my granddaughter McKaela came over and took on the load for me and helped Dennis to get our garden going.
The flowers that she planted are beautiful and blooming.
Well our sweet young lady is turning 15 and it is hard to believe I have a grandchild that age.
When she entered our lives all those years ago we did not know what to expect.
She came into this world under some hard circumstances and has had more obstacles than the average teen.
But despite all she has endured, she has blossomed like the garden she has planted.
*Bloom Where You Are Planted McKaela*

We celebrated Paige's birthday on the 24th of July.
Lots of cousins, food, fireworks and cake .
Paige learned not to have Aunt Kacy
behind when you are trying to blow out the candles!

Kacy really isn't pushing her face into the cake she is simply there to hold her hair back.

I know.... I'm a stinker

Wesley loved the fancy Jello that Jennifer made for the party.

It was quite festive with all it layers and sprinkles on top.

Payton was a lucky girl this summer not only did she have one birthday party she got to have two!
The second party was over the top. Payton has a cousin on her mothers side of the family that have birthdays close together so they threw a big combo party for them.
Kari's dad had connections with rock and roll band called Melodramus.
They were kind enough to play for all the little punk rockers who came with colored hair and shirts made up for the special occasion and rock star passes.
Then her grandfather surprised both kids with their very own electric guitars singed by the group.
Pretty cool for them both.


Vickers said...

Mckaela is so gorgeous she doesn't look like she has ever had any kind of challenges...only loads of golden blessings. Happy Birthday Beautiful Mckaela.
And Happy Birthday to your other two granddaughters. I really like the Clyde Street sign. How did you get that one made?

Kare Bear said...

Love all these pics!!!

shana said...

What great pictures. I can't believe the cake pushing picture. What a surprise that must have been for everyone. :)

vintagefindings@me.com said...

What a great looking bunch of family you have! Looks like a ton of summer fun. thx for stopping by my blog :-) Hubby is making progress, but it did suck up his whole summer.


Yvonne said...

Isn't it great to have such a lovely granddaughter to help you when you need a hand? It looks like you all are having fun together this summer. And I love the quilts you have made! Very special and personal!

Nettie said...

Great Fun, Beautiful Pictures, Lots of Memories and a Wonderful Family!