Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Woman Quilt Show Part

These quilts all were made by my good and long time friend Kathy with the exception of the
*Old Mother Hubbard Quilt* which they think was made by her husbands great-grandmother.

I think I have known Kathy for over twenty years now.
We have been in quilt groups, exercise groups, walking companions thru good times- bad times, rainy days and sunny days.

She has four children and has recently became a grandmother for the first time. Her oldest daughter is a nurse and the one who herself is a first time mother. She has one daughter who is a return missionary who served in Indonesia and one son that is about to come home from Washington state mission. Her youngest son recently graduated form high school.

She is a devoted wife, mother and friend to many.

She has been a Bishops wife and has held many callings in her LDS church.

She has been a volunteer on many occasions giving of her time and energy to many.

Really there is not enough I can say about this friend of mine other than I lover her dearly!

So sit back enjoy the quilt show , her lovely garden and her beautiful back yard.


Yvonne said...

What a nice tribute to your friend! What should we be without these special friendships that last and last and are so much part of our lives in good and bad times!
Your friend is a gifted quilter, I love especially the one with the red barn and the one with the cowboy boots and hats!

Gayle said...

Thanks for all the pictures since I couldn't go see them in person. It really is amazing how many quilts there are, huh?

Vickers said...

Incredible quilts, incredible friend. Why is it that the busiest person is also the one with the huge talent and the prodigious output?!