Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monroe, Utah

A View of Monroe taken out West of the City, on Joe Town Hill. Courtesy, College of Architecture + Planning, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Is also called
Little Green Valley it was the home of Dennis's grandparents Clifford & Afton . I remember the first time I went there it seemed to take for ever going thru all those small towns along the way, now with an interstate close by it's a little faster. I would give anything to take the old roads and travel it today. Monroe had wide city roads that on early October mornings you could walk and in the distance could smell the smoke as the farmers were clearing their ditch banks it was a nice smell not over powering just nice. I loved walking the town looking at all the old homes along they way. Downtown was the old drug store that as soon as you walked in the floors would creak almost like an alarm going off letting the owners know you had entered. The people who owned the little movie theater were friends of Forbush's and if there was something they thought young children should not see at their theater he would put his hand up in front of the projector and block what ever scene he that thought was inappropriate for the young uns!
This was the kind of town that people had good times and hard times . The stories Clifford and Afton would tell , between the flu epidemic that took Afton's father life, to the hard times of the depression, and the fun this town would have has a community from sports, square dancing and of course there was always fishing stories. We would travel to Monroe every October and join up with the rest of the extended family for the deer hunt.

This is one of the houses I have cross stitched actually I have stitched this one twice. One went to Clifford and Afton the other to Arthur, my father-in-law. One thing that was important to them was home, they both truly loved this place. The wishing well out in the front yard was built by Clifford. He was a homebody rarely left and if Afton took little trips she was always happy to be back in the comfort of her home she truly loved this home with all it memories. The day of her funeral we had gathered here and as we went out the front door I took the picture off the wall and placed it with her in her casket along with all the other family members who placed special mementos in with her. They both were truly great people, Afton was the one who got me interested in quilts.

This was Grandma Jones house she was Afton's mother. I never met her for she died shortly after I married into the family. Arthur loved to tease and tell Grandma Jones stories he would tell her that one day he would ride his horse off the mountains of Monroe and give her a silver dollar. So one of the last times he was there for the deer hunt he fulfilled her dream, I wish I could have seen the look on this woman's face has he rode up to her on his horse as she sat out on her front porch. So when it came time to have this house framed I was able to find a silver dollar that was made the year Arthur was born and had it placed in a cut out of the mat along side of the cross stitch. So if you ever want to go on a road trip to Monroe call me up would love to go.


Cindy B said...

What a lovely story and keepsake! You do such nice work...cindy Il.

Kellee said...

Those are a lot of work! They look beautiful

Vickers said...

Increible memories for a family journal. Keep up the reminiscing and your blog will be your story of life.