Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Accident!?

Can I say that with out getting into trouble? Feb 1st is my youngest sons birthday. Yes I admit that Kyle was well sort of an accident. Not that I did not want him it was just the timing of it all. I even tried to pretend I was not pregnant but when I started to drink olive juice right out of the can I had to accept it. What can I say about Kyle, life with him has been a roller coaster ride. There were times I wanted to jump off, times I do not remember being on, the times I wish I could forget, and the times I have loved every minute with him.

You can see that even at a young age he had style!

He loves to be surrounded by the ladies

But most of all I love the person he is today, Happy Birthday Kyle!


Kare Bear said...

I love the man he has grown up to be as well!! It has been a blessing to love him,grow up with him and have him in our lives! He is the best dad and husband a girl could ask for! Thanks for putting up with all the rough times and sticking it out :)

Vickers said...

Good thing you decided to keep the handsome little tiger....just think of all the beautiful people you would not have in your family today if you hadn't kept him. Happy Birthday Kyle.
From your far-flung cousin.

Sioux said...

He's always been the cutest lil' guy; and I think my girls secretly had a crush on him! He loves the girls, and I love the twinkle in his eyes and the mischievious smile! Happy Birthday, Kyle; may you enjoy life and your ladies, as much as we all love and enjoy you.

Kellee said...

I can't believe how big Kyle's girls are, it makes me feel old. That is such a beautiful family picture of them!