Sunday, August 24, 2008

Memories of Clifford and Afton

This is one of my favorite pictures of Dennis's grandparents.If I recall right this was taken right after they had secretly gone off to get married. I think they had been married a week or two before they told anybody. What great memories my family has had in Monroe with this great couple. From deer hunting, fishing, raking big piles of leaves just to jump into, tire swings, walking down to the old drug store with it's old wood creaky floor and Grandma's chocolate cake, the outhouse out back and the beautiful old home in which they lived. And mostly the love they gave. Most of all I love how Afton is looking at him.


"Jo" in many sizes said...

I have clicked on this comment thing so many times, and then my words leave me. I loved Monroe, raking leaves, hot chocolate early in the morning, the wishing well, and dancing for my Great Grandma. So many good memories of these two, I also love this picture.

Kare Bear said...

I have heard so many stories of clifford and afton. I was tellin Kyle I know more stories of his great grandparents then I do my own. You all talk about them and the old house in Monroe often.I wish I knew them both.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I miss that kind of love. Beautiful picture and loving tribute..
Sending you love, Nita