Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Quilt

The Quilt

It took me more than twenty, nearly twenty five years I reckon in the evenings after supper when the children were all put to bed, my whole life is in that quilt.
It scares me sometimes when I look at it. All my joys and all my sorrows are stitched into those little pieces.
When I was proud of the boys and when I was downright provoked and angry with them.

And John to he was stitched into that quilt and all the thirty years we were married. Sometimes I love and sometimes sat there hating him as I pieced the patches together.
So they are all in that quilt, my hopes and fears, my joys, my sorrow, my loves and hates.
I tremble sometimes when I remember what that quilt knows about me.
Written by an unknown great-grandmother

I found this story at the time when we were planning my parents 50th wedding anniversary, it really struck a chord with me so I read this story before I presented the quilt to them that I had made. When making their quilt I thought about the struggles they went through as children, neither of them had I guess you could say a wonderful childhood. Married young, Mom had all four of us girls by the time she was 23, they both worked hard for us and I am truly grateful. There have been times that I have made things for people not for the pat on the back ,but it is more about what went into the project, the things I tend to make have a reason behind them, I really think about that person and what they have meant to me in my life and what I have learned from them. So when I found this story I really could relate to this women and what she went through and how at times my life is stitched into the things that I do.
The picture of the quilt is an antique quilt owned by my Mother-in-law that has been passed down by many generations it is truly beautiful quilt. I wonder what memories have been stitched into that one.

Unkown Author


KickButtMommy said...

What a wonderful quote. I feel that way sometimes with things I do. It is not about the thing but about the release it gives all the emotions I build up during the day....

Cindy B said...

Isn't that the truth though...I can say the same about things I see I made and the many ups and downs in my life as I sat there each day working on my project. I love how she expressed it so well! a lovely quilt that says so much!

vickers said...

Your Mother-in-law owns a priceless piece of history. Something like that should always be authenticated with written validation. Makes you wonder about the eventual destinations of your various works of the (he)art.