Monday, October 20, 2008

*2008*Pumpkin Party

Sorry I have had technical difficulties getting this up and running and in the process lost the previous comments so *thank you* to those who left some yesterday. We had a total of 14 great-grandchildren that participated in the fun and festivities. Mom was in great spirits for it all, thank you Queen of the Punkin Patch again.


Tiff said...

Happy to say that no, I didn't eat the Sonic food! lol It was dark and I was driving and I would have thought that every bite had a bug in it!
Great pictures, looks like you all had a blast. I have to tell you that baby Noah has got to be the cutest kiddo ever!!!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Great pictures of all the kids and family. You are lucky to have so much family..It is often lonely here.
Thanks for the comment you left me..
love Nita

Kare Bear said...

Your pictures turned out great. All my pictures for some reason didn't work right. If you have time could you send me some of the kids in the pumpkin patch and the ones of all the grandkids together?

Nettie said...

Thank you to the Forbush girls for such a fun "pumkin pickin" party. Everybody really enjoyed it and I know the kids all had a lot of fun. Special thanks to Whitey for organizing it and making it a memorable time for all the kids, especially.