Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Are My Sunshine

This song is a favorite song that has been sung by many generations in our family, it was also sung by all the great grandchildren at my Fathers grave the day he was buried so it really has a sentimental meaning even more.At this point in time I have 11 sunshine's (grandchildren) in my life. Haddie was born shortly before my Dad died, she was born in the same hospital that he passed away at. So I have a lot of emotional baggage that comes with this little girl. When Kacy went back to work I had offered to help take care of her, I did not know at the time it would be Haddie who took care of me while trying to deal with the depression of my Dad's death. This is one of the things I wrote shortly after he died it was at his funeral when my son Jared was giving a talk and he mentioned that Kacy had prayed that my Dad would still be here so he could meet this sweet baby girl, yes her prayer was answered.

This is our little Haddie not only does she light up my life she also lights up Grandma Spencer's and Grandma and Grandpa Forbush!

"At Heavens Gate" this was written after the birth of Noah he came into this world at the same time we were coming up on our one year anniversary of Dads passing it made me stop and think if by chance they had the opprotunity to meet


Janda said...

You are such an amazing writer and I relate all too well to the beautiful and sad words in your poetry. I find comfort in your words and in the fact that I am not alone in the grieving process. Thanks for your words.

vickers said...

You have such beautiful memories to warm you through the dark days. Not only does your dad watch over the little ones before they enter your family, he also watches over the big ones who he knew in mortality. That means you Whitey!

"Jo" in many sizes said...

Thank you, Mom, for this post. It is just what I need this morning. Her helping you has also helped me, not only with Day Care costs, but also the love I have watching the bond you two have.
Just let me know when she gets to a point when she starts UNDOING instead of HELPING!
I am missing baby Noah. Maybe I can go get a fix today!