Monday, August 11, 2008

60th Wedding Anniversary

The Memory Garden came about from an idea that Ina Denice had, she called me one day all excited with a plan. She already had an airplane ticket to come home for which was supposed to be Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary, Dad died 43 days before we could celebrate that day, so she wanted to do something special for Mom. She came up with the plan of the Garden, so I spread the word and we started the Memory Garden. Below are the results of a great plan thanks Sis for your idea

Memory Garden

Gardens, like grandmas, have stories to share
grandma, your garden is going to have a lot to say.

You and grandpa have had lots of love and happy times,
so we wanted you to have a happy spot in your wonderful garden

These stones tell a story, each made with love, lots of smiles, and many great memories in mind.
They will be here in your garden for years to come, to remind you of our great family, giggle at great memories, but mostly to remember the wonderful love you have shared with our dad, gramps, great gramps and great great gramps
(written by Jo read by McKaela the day of party)

All in a row

pumpkin by me, sunshine by Denice

Brodie, Annie and Aidan

Breanna, Mason, Karsyn


JD standing in for Alex

Brianna, Gunner, McKaela....Nolan, Kyleigh Jo and Connor

Payton & Paige

Hadley Jo


Janda said...

I love this idea and all of the stones are just beautiful. What a sweet thing to do.


Nettie said...

Great post on the Memory Garden! It was a great idea and something Mom will always cherish.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

um, my anni is April 30. You can start planning now. My garden could use a little sprucing...

Anonymous said...

what an overwhelming gift of love for your mom, grandmas and great grandma!I thoroughly have enjoyed coming to read your blog..I see your family has been gifted by the wonderful parents I also had ( and grandma does look very pleased withher new garden!) Nice idea! Cindy of the Gathering