Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This is a baby quilt that I made for a friend who was having a little girl close to Valentines Day could not resist the cute material it was perfect! I used raw edge applique for the flowers, so they will fray out a little when washed.

This is the one I made for Noah I cheated a little by finding a pre-printed panel but it was perfect for this little guy and if he is anything like his big brother he will be operating one of these machines at a young age.I machined quilted using a variegated thread matching the colors in the material did some hand quilting using a bigger stitch length pieced the back of quilt using more of the cute materials.

For Hadley I made this wall hanging. I looked through many books taking little ideas from them and putting it together. One of the sayings I got was from this site so if you like Homespun & Primitive patterns go check her out.

I have always loved quilts but when I got to know Dennis's grandmother Afton I became I guess you can say obsessed with them. I am sure she would be shocked to see the huge quilting machines that they have now a days she would hand quilt her own sometimes she would take them down to the senior citizens center and have her friends help her quilt them I know she made a quilt for each of her grandchildren and more. At Kacy's wedding we displayed some of her quilts and some from other grandmothers from the other side of the family it was wonderful to see their work and have a little piece of them their that day.


~T. said...

Oh my goodness, I love your quilts! The first one is soooo cute! Okay, they are all cute but I really want that one for my own hehe.
I can't wait to be able to pull my sewing machine out again and try something more than just curtains and cushions, thanks for the inspiration!

"Jo" in many sizes said...

Mom, each one of the babies has packed around their quilts and held it tight, for comfort and love. Hadley loves her quilt(s), and everynight before she goes to bed we say "night night" to many things around her room, and grandmas hand is one of them. She loves to put her little hand up there. Thank you for these special treasures for them to enjoy.

vickers said...

Whitey, you certainly are the Queen of many talents. You are one impressive girl.

I'll get my quilt order to you in a few weeks!

KickButtMommy said...

AMAZING! What a beautiful talent you have!