Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's hard to believe this cute little munchkin is turning 12!

She loves being a big sister
Kissing frogs
Ice cream on a hot summer day
Fishing holes
Slippery slides
and horses to
Making bubbles by the hundreds
And SNAKES for goodness sakes
Going through pictures tugs on the old heart strings seeing how this child has changed through out the years. Two of my favorite memories of McKaela was after she had gotten her first Barbie doll that had come with the little brush and comb( the size of a toothpick) as to which she proceeded to give her Grampa Dennis a new 'hair do' standing up behind him on the bed trying to comb his hair, just a picture in my mind that never got captured on film. Mac was a real Wallace and Grommet fan when she was little. When ever Wallace would get cheese he would bring his hands up to the side of his face in excitement so when ever Mac wanted cheese she would bring her hands up to the side of her face wiggling them back and forth saying "cheese please". She holds a special place in our hearts. Happy Birthday Toadie


Sioux said...

WOW! Birthdays galore in JULY! Happy Birthday McKaela - hope you have a wonderful day and a great celebration.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

I remember fishing with her when she was little. Dad, Grandpa Clyde and I went with her to the old Hogan office to fish in the little pond there, and she would get impatient and reel in her line. It was "Look Grandpa! We caught another worm!"

vickers said...

Congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter, Whitey. Grandkids are so much fun and such a joy to watch throughout the years.
One more year and Mac will be a teenager....Wow! Happy Birthday.