Sunday, July 13, 2008

Garden pictures

Harvesting the Sunflowers

One of the cutest things we got out of the garden was this little fat red chick
Garden Angels to ward off weeds and racoon's

I had gotten over to the garden one early morning and took some amazing pictures of the sunflowers. I love to grow them, once I harvest them I use them in baskets, or on wreaths but my favorite thing to do is put them out in the yard and watch the birds that come to feed on them.

One year I planted Morning Glory along with the Sunflower seeds the Morning Glory would wind itself up the stock of the sunflowers adding beautiful color along the way


Sioux said...

The little tomato chick is the cutest; the beautiful electric blue glories winding their way through the sunflowers is a great photo; and the yard deco with the sunflowers is such a great idea!

FRYBABY said...

Beautiful pictures! I guess picture-taking really runs in the family! You and Jenna need to get together and combine all of your pictures for a book!!