Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary Sis!

Dave & Janette
39 years
of marriage!
I still remember our dresses
they had little white fuzzy daisies

Sylvia (Dave's sis) , Pam, Mardell (Friends of Net's), Cheryl, Sue(Dave's other sis) , Me, Ina Denice


Nettie said...

Thanks Sister! Geeeee,....I wonder who was responsible for the material used for the dresses and flowers in the baskets? Could it have been Mom? Seems like Daisys have been a favorite for many years, eh?

Kare Bear said...

Happy anniversary to you guys.You gotta love that wedding picture. The flower girl dresses are pretty cute I think!

vickers said...

You four are such beautiful sisters. What a priceless photo. But it is really difficult to believe 39 years has gone did that ever happen?
Congratulations, cousin.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

All I see in this picture is Cali Chey, Me, and Ashley. In cool, retro dresses I wish I had now, those could make some cute purses!

Happy Wedding Anniversary! Hope it was wonderful!

Sioux said...

Too cutesy - look at the gloves and little baskets of daisies! WOW! Straight out of the 60's...

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to Net and Dave.