Sunday, June 22, 2008


What the heck is Trauma Xeric?
This is Dennis's new name and why he has gotten this new name you ask! ( I wonder do they secretly have Jared there making these up?) when ever you enter and ER room not quit knowing who you are and why you are there they get to make up a name for you .
Dennis landed up at the UofU ER room Friday night has is rodeo skills are not has good as they used to be.
The family that watched as the event played out they said "he all most made to the buzzer" but at the last second he tried to dismount at the same time Tombstone (yes that is his real name) decided to launch Dennis into outer space.So a few stressful hours later he was released with a good concussion bruises and a funny walk Thank you God it could have been much worse . I could go on and on about the story but it gets bigger and better every time the kids tell it, kind of like the the fish that got away stories we have all heard. Yes it was very scary since we all had witnessed my Dad's death not that long ago it brought back all those memoires. As Dennis says " I just don't bounce as good as I used to" The hard part will be keeping him off the horses until he heals


KickButtMommy said...

I am so glad he is okay! What a scary thing, but glad you can all (including him) laugh about it now!

Janda said...

I am so glad he is okay. We heard about it yesterday from JD. Thank the Lord he is alright.

"Jo" in many sizes said...

It will also be hard to keep Kyle from shooting Dads horse until Dad heals. I hope I never have a weekend like this again. But yes, thank God, it could have been worse. Love you Dad. And I love you Mom.