Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Dream

Thirty four years ago Dennis
was made by me yes,I admit by me to give up a dream.
After being awakened in the middle
the night with the sound of his two friends
propping him up to my front door loaded up on drugs
with his shoulder and arm in a sling.
I was filled in to what had taken place. He had gone up to Freedom, Wyoming
to ride a bull.The bull won and Dennis got a dislocated shoulder that was so
bad the doctors up there could not fix it and sent him loaded up on drugs
with his two friends driving him all the way back to Utah to the McKay Dee Hospital.
From what I was told by his friends as they tried to drop and run for fear that
I might take my anger out on them at 3:00 in the morning
the Doctor had to put is foot into Dennis"s arm pit
and gave it a good shove!
I was very upset to think his life could have easily been taken
and I would be left alone with my newborn son
When he came TO the next morning still loaded up on drugs
I cuffed him up side the head and told him that
was the last time he was going to do that.
In some ways I felt a little bad so a couple of Christmas's ago
I thought I would make it up to him and made this picture
for him. We took some old barn wood and his bull riding gear and
framed it up. So now he can at least look at his dream.

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KickButtMommy said...

You are so talented, Clydene! I love it.