Monday, June 16, 2008

The Property

What can one say about a piece of property?
This was the first land my Dad owned, his father had it previously, it had been in the family for some time. There was a very small home there , the ultimate in recycled you might say Grandpa got big wooden crates from an air force base and constructed the house out of those, with windows that came from an old school house that was being torn down.

I would say that by today's standards it would be a very small garage. One closet for two adults and four girls to share. We had cats , dogs , roosters one mean one that would not let us out of the house, Billy goats, horses, lots of other creatures deer, fox and lets not forget the skunks.I my self have lived three different times on the property, from birth to first grade, my senior year of high school till I got married then back again as a mom of two small boys that would soon be followed by my one and only daughter.
Once we got Mom and Dad back home from California Dennis and my sons JD,Jared, Kyle and lots of help from extended family and friends built a new home for them to enjoy. It took us a year working nights and weekends I can still see the smile Dad had the day he moved back home.

Dad loved this place he held on to it no matter what even during some hard years and with family help it remained in the family. Even after him and Mom moved to California he would tell her that is where he wanted to die and if by chance he was still in California when that happened she was to load him up in the car and head back home. He just wanted to be home.

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Sioux said...

Boy! Weren't there alot of adventures at that old house and on the property? We always seemed to find something to do. I was particularly interested in the history of how it was built.