Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Past

Time seems to be slipping through my fingers these day.
 Honestly I don't know how to slow it down.
Summer has come and gone along  with Halloween, Thanksgiving and now Christmas.
I had good intentions of keeping up with this blog
but it seems I don't have the time or my interest is winding down.
My Mom decided she wanted to have her grandchildren and great grand children decorate this  poor little excuse of a tree that decided to sprout out of what was the original tree that grew on this property well over  70 years ago.
 It was the tree that us four girls climbed on as children.
After the tree was cut down an all that was left behind was 
 "The stump" as my Dad would call it. 
It was  about the only  thing left from the original property and house .
  So instead of getting rid of it his idea was to turn it upside down exposing the root system and bury it by making it  a piece of the landscaping design.
Then right out of the middle of twisted gnarly wood sprouted a twig of a tree.
 We would laugh to think  it thought it could survive under the conditions that it was coming  from.
And yet  we gave it a little pizzazz  this Christmas
 with handmade decorations, and Moms watchful eye from the house.
The children loved it.
Instead of a Christmas home tour showing off  my cute little decorations (not)  you get to look at my cute grandkids. 
Can I say this has been  one of my favorites.

And what was even more special was that  my Mom  was able to come and spend it with us along with my sister  Denice who helped  to drive  her down.
 And most of all Dennis (with a little nudging from  me) provided the day before Christmas by building a  ramp so my mom could gain entrance with out having to risk going up the stairs.
Thank you.


Ma Teakettle said...

It looks like you had a most awesome Christmas surrounded by multiple generations of blondies :) What a wonderful post, and I love the pics...thanks for sharing your Christmas with us Whitey :)
I love your tree story and what a joy it must have been to see it decorated...for you and your Mom. I'm so happy that you were able to share the holiday with your whole family.
Hope that your New Year is starting out peaceful and blessed.
Glad to see you were missed

Yvonne said...

O my your grandkids are cute and growing like weed! Glad that you found the time to blog again.

GrandmaNutt said...

Gorgeous home but even more gorgeous grandkids. They aren't babies anymore but are growing up handsome and beautiful. I loved their shiny, sparkling eyes. Merry Christmas! And, kudos to Dennis for being so kind, so industrious, and so talented. He's a Winner.

Veronica Lee said...

Such lovely pics and what a gorgeous family!

So glad to hear from you again, Whitey! You certainly have been missed!

Sue Shifflett said...

I LOVE the traditions and memories you are making with your family! They all have a such a fondness for one another, and will treasure these times. You are doing things right; and you and Dennis are a great TEAM. Love you and your family <3