Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Great Room Re-Do

On this  remake we did not do anything thing
major for this room.
Dennis and Kyle spent a great deal of time
 jacking the floor up and making it structurally sound.
 You could not walk down the hall with
 out the feeling of being off balanced. 
 But before  jacking up the floors they had
 to remove parts of  the sheet rock that you
 can see underneath the  beams by balcony.
Even with removing some,  the sheetrock  still cracked and moan.
I would be on the top floor listening to the sound as
 they  tried to lift this house up it is really an eerie sound.
I kept wondering if it was gong to come crashing down.
We got rid of carpet,  tile  and light fixtures.
Freshened up wood work and new paint color. 

Dennis's father pitched in an created the new wood work around the  staircase.
Much better than having the carpet wrap around.

The wood floor was a bit challenge taking its time to acclimate it seemed like forever . 
 One of the goals we have for this room is to improve the entry way. 
 We are hoping to remove the door and side windows to add a vestibule entry way .
From the outside of the house you don't  get s sense of  where the front door is.
We want to had some type of timber frame structure and  give it more of a grander feel.

 We had the chimney painted a different color
 than the walls
and made it more of a focal point. 
I found the  wagon wheel light fixture at a flea market
 and was tickled about  how much better
 it was than the big glass  light fixture  that  was here.

We added some fan lights from Lowes.

Next room is the master bath with all its rustic charm.

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GrandmaNutt said...

That gorgeous house is so lucky that you and Dennis bought it. You have turned something beautiful into something unique and magnificent. Keep posting photos. I love seeing your creativity.