Friday, October 24, 2014

Guest Bath and Laundry Room Re-Do

The back of this wall is the one Dennis extended to block the view from inside the kitchen it leads you into the laundry room an guest bathroom.

The logs in the  whole house needed to be worked on.
We had a crew come in and refresh all the logs.
Dennis removed the door that went out to a small deck.
 I was able to track down some replacement logs so he could
 fill in the gap on bottom and install a new window.
  The previous owners left the washer and dryer for  us.
I painted the upper cabinets .
 We carried the same tile
throughout these spaces also.

I have been holding on to this old door now for years!
I  added Robins egg blue paint pexeiglass window that I sanded down to 
 get a frosted look and then added chicken wire on top.

I made this little shelf painted it the same blue color as the door.
I added 2 antique yardsticks and the handles from local hobby store.
 This was a pretty standard guest bath.
 We removed all the cabinets and placed some in the master bathroom makeover.
All the old wood we used in this bathroom is  recycled fence
 that came from my
 Uncle Wayne and Aunt Elma's house.
We used the same brick from kitchen backsplash behind the toilet.
Found the cute metal shelf at local hobby store.
 I bought this old dresser  with the painting already on it a few years ago.
 Dennis modified the dresser to accept the new plumbing  an this old oil pan for the sink.
Dennis used an old fence post to mount the  faucet to give it some height.


Yvonne said...

You can make money with your interior designs! It is amazing! Love it! And Dennis is so handy, his hands seem to make about anything!

Sioux said...

You really have an eye for making the oldest things look refreshing! I just love to brag on you and Dennis' ability to complement one another with your skills!

Veronica Lee said...

It is indeed amazing! You and Dennis are so seriously talented!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Always so fun to freshen things up!

Jenny said...

This is all so clever and adorable and completely delightful. I love your taste. Thanks for stopping by IHATH!