Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Detour Ahead

Detour Ahead the computer has been giving us fits for sometime , so most likely it will be heading into the shop to get fixed and I will be taking a recess from life for now.
Dennis and I took off up the mountains over the weekend to see what I could capture with my new camera. We rode out to one point and could see some deer way across to the other side of the mountain and an eagle was up soaring above us.
Dennis got out his dying rabbit call and started to play just like the Pied Piper not only did one eagle get interested in the noise a few more started to hover over the top of us it was fun to see how close they were getting to us but not close enough for me to get some really good shots.
One thing that caught my attention was this big boulder with icicles and frozen ice that was covering it. It was the one and only time I got off the horse to take pictures.

My youngest son Kyle has surprised me twice now with some more of his creative talent. This time round he made me little barn and now this fun little windmill that is made out of scrap metal.

This eagle gets to spend the rest of his life behind bars because some careless person used him for target practice.


Kare Bear said...

love these pics!!!

Gayle said...

Can I borrow Kyle for a few projects! LOL

Yvonne said...

Oh how beautiful Utah looks in the snow! I really want to go there in winter once! Love your pictures and feel so sorry for that eagle.
Kyle has two golden hands, what a beautiful things he made you!

vickers said...

Gorgeous photos, as usual. Keep 'em coming. They are all cool, shivering pleasures.

Veronica Lee said...

OMG! Breathtaking pics as always, Whitey!

Have a nice day!

The Spencer Family said...

Gorgeous pictures--you are very talented!! Love the barn your son made as well!! What an amazing family you are!

shana said...

Amazing pictures. Makes me almost miss snow. Almost. :)

Deanie Rae's Space said...

HELLO, I have not posted for so long I almost forgot I even had a blog. So glad to hear from you. I did post some new pictures tonight. I have lost 100 pounds now. Went to Florida for the month of January on vacation. Always love seeing your blog and those cute Grandchildren. Deanie