Wednesday, January 11, 2012

photos of the day

First real snow storm we have had this winter and the Roan
got a little bit feisty he really put on a show.

The sunsets have been absolutely beautiful
these were taken at my moms house.
I had taken her and her sister Sue out for a ride that day.
The vivid sunset was the perfect ending for our day.

Kacy and I went into the city today and Little Miss Wesley tagged along with us. She did pretty good for a toddler so on the way home she decided to have some of the snacks her mom had packed. The first time I turned around to see what she was up to she had stuck pretzels up her nose, then she followed it up with a yogurt facial. You are what you eat and wear!


Yvonne said...

Miss Wesley is so cute with that yogurt face! I see you have snow now, seems winter has arrived after all!

Vickers said...

Wesley is a doll. I have a husband who did that exact same thing with pretzels once and he was a married man at the time. It is so much more becoming on Wesley.

Stunning sunset.

shana said...

Kayla just had a yogurt facial today. Kids! :)