Friday, December 9, 2011

Snap shots of Southern Utah - Fisher Towers

Fisher Towers, located about 20 miles northeast of Moab in southeastern Utah, is one of the most scenic landscapes along the Colorado River.

Administered by the Bureau of Land Management, Fisher Towers Recreation Site is a popular destination for hikers and rock climbers. A moderate 2.2-mile (one way) hiking trail takes you along the base of the towers and spires to a scenic overlook of Professor Valley and the Colorado River

Geologic Information: Fisher Towers contains layers of sedimentary rock in various shades of red-brown, red-purple, and maroon. The colors are a result of varying amounts of hematite (an iron oxide).

The upper, darker part of Fisher Towers consists of the lower sandstone member of the Triassic Moenkopi Formation (approximately 245 million years old).

The middle and lower parts of the towers are sandstone, mudstone, and conglomerate of the Permian Cutler Formation (approximately 290 million years old).

When we arrived at Fisher Towers the sun was strong and we did not have time to make the hike to get in a better position to shoot pictures.
So I tried a few things trying to control the sun but in most cases it won.
It was fun to pick out all the interesting shapes among these formations a child with good imagination could sit there all day and make up stories about the characters in the rock.
The rest of the pictures are along the way headed home.


Yvonne said...

We stopped at Fishing Towers once on our way from Moab to Colorado. It felt like stepping into a Western Movie. We expacted to see some cowboys and Indians any moment. It is a beautiful place and your pictures even add something to it!

Vickers said...

Absolutely stunning. But my favorite shots we're the ones of the lowly little chameleon. So endearing.

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I am sorry to hear about your Mom Clydene. I hold your heart close to mine and I will pray for you and your Mom everyday.And pray for me and Mom too please? Always know you are in my thoughts and heart.
Love Nita

Veronica Lee said...

Gorgeous captures, W! The last two look like paintings! Beautiful!