Saturday, December 3, 2011

gOnE WiTh tHe WiND

Pictures taken the on the eve of the big storm.

We had a wayward wind rip through our county leaving a pathway of destruction. I could go all day and take pictures of it all but after a while it all looks the same. Uprooted trees leaving big craters underneath., side walks standing vertical, siding , insulation, it is a mess.
Instead of Christmas carolers being heard through out the neighborhood the constant sound of chainsaws . Groups of people out helping all around our area, I was amazed to see everyone out donating their time .
The golf course right behind me has an estimated loss of 400 trees!
Semi trucks on their sides , the rest are pulled off till the winds die down.
We have had these high wind storms before even as a child I remember being terrified of them then as I got older would love to go out and play to see if the wind could make me fly but with all the housing that is now around you take your chances of being hit with debris. They said on the news tonight that we are going to get hit again possibly on Monday but the winds should not be as strong, but with many trees all ready weakened and roofs that are in need of replacement it is not good news to hear.

We lost a lot of our scrub oak trees a few shingles and my rain gutter with my Christmas lights that Dennis so carefully put up the night before. I realize now just how ill prepared we were and need to get my act together and get some emergency kits ready before the next disaster hits.

Gone are my neighbors 30 FT ponderosa pine trees that all landed softly in my backyard .

One of our neighbors said he went to look out the window
and realized his pickup was missing with his grill!

This is an older home down the road from me it has been empty for quite some time, sad to see it slowly falling apart.
this is the link to one of our local news stations


Vickers said...

I can't even imagine how noisy that must have been. Trees and trucks and roofs!! Mankind turns out to be puny indeed.

Yvonne said...

We heard about the storm on the news here. Glad you are alright. Too bad for the lights and the trees though!

shana said...

Oh my goodness. I thought our winds were bad. You guys had it way worse. Good reminder for me to get prepared as well. Hope Monday isn't as bad for you!!

Veronica Lee said...

So glad you are okay, W!

The weather has gone crazy here too. Places that are not flood-prone are now flooded beyond disbelief. I am wondering if Leonardo's Da Vinci's apocalyptic deluge will come true!?