Friday, December 30, 2011

The Appy

I got this idea from a web site called Dear Photograph.

I took a picture that was taken back in 1979 on the property where our horses are kept today. While holding the picture with one hand I try to line it up with the present day background as if the Appy was still here then I snap a picture.
Dennis bought this horse as a teenager. The Appy was a young colt and still need to be trained so Dennis was able to work with him. And out of all the horses he has had this is the one he talks about the most.
Many an adventure he and this horse had.
So after I got the idea for the picture I set out trying to find a quote about it, hours later I came across this poem by
Jay Snider
and with his permission I printed it up with the picture.
Thank you Mister Snider the words were perfect.
Here is a link to Jay' s cowboy poetry site.


Yvonne said...

Beautiful! Did the horse died that you are writing this post about him?

Vickers said...

Sweet...and brilliant at the same time.

Gayle said...

Very clever!

tiffany said...

LOVE this!!