Wednesday, June 1, 2011


May 28 2011 Operation Bandit
Memorial Holiday weekend
Every thing was in place
Baby monitor
Bird seed
Apple slices covered with peanut butter
At 2300 hours I was awakened by the perpetrator as he entered the premises, triggering my in depth alarm. I jumped out of bed and tiptoed oh so quietly as not to be detected by this little varmint. When I approached the window I could see the trespasser gorging himself on bird food. My heart raced as I approached my camera, with fingers crossed in hopes that he would not hear me . I worried if the settings that I picked out for my camera ahead of time would work. For the next hour I witnessed the delinquent stuff his little cheeks, snapping pictures, gathering evidence. Then I got to work processing the pictures until 3:00am

May 29 2011 Another night of surveillance weather forecast rain (yes it still is raining) would it detour the critter? Same M.O. Once again like clock work the bandit struck again.


Vickers said...

Pretty soon your little bandit will be bringing family and friends to your generous banquet and then you will have to figure out a way to discourage the guests. Invite in the wolves, maybe?

Yvonne said...

What a great story! This sounds like something I could have done! I remember camping ont night in Yellowstone years ago. Our rental RV stood in front of the wast dump and I was up all night trying to spot.... I don't know what a raccoon or even a bear... but nothing! Glad you have been lucky, beautiful pictures and I love the new lay-out of your blog!

Sioux said...

Tell me WHO could resist a snack such as this? I'd say your aiding and abetting! That lil' buggar has some EVIL eyes.