Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Mile

One mile is about the distance that my mom lives away from me. You would think with that short of distance that we would pretty much have the same birds at our feeders. Mom has been telling me about a pheasant that has been coming up to her back deck so I spent the other day over there waiting patiently for him to come and he never showed up until I had arrived back home. Even though I did not get the pheasant it was a good day to see the other beautiful birds that she attracted to her feeders. And of course it rained and rained and rained it has been non-stop for at least five days the mountains are saturated, rivers are starting to flood and we have had some mudslides.

The roan loves bird seed also as soon as you are out filling up the bird feeders he waits at the fence for his share.


Veronica Lee said...

Wish we had those cute birds to visit us. The only ones that visit are pigeons. Great pics as always, Whitey!

Happy Sunday!

Yvonne said...

Those birds are amazing. The only one I recognize is the dove. What a beautiful picture of that house. Can't you just imagine yourself sitting on a porch like that on a warm summer night working on the quilt on your lap? If only it stopped raining of course. I hope Summer will be better than Spring!