Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Golden Girls Go Wild

That's what happens when you get three old gals which consisted of my Mom , Sue and I together for a little road trip. First mistake not paying attention to what exit we should have taken and all most ended up in Boise which resulted in back tracking a few miles more or less. Then not listening closely to one of the park rangers when getting directions to a little ghost town which ended up driving down dirt road for twenty miles only to hit a *No Trespassing* sign resulting in back tracking once again a few miles more or less. So we never it the ghost town because our bellies were empty and our bladders full so home ward bound we went. Note to self... next time pack a lunch, some Depends or toilet paper and get some kind of GPS system.

Golden Spike National Historic Site


Yvonne said...

What a funny story. You should really put some kind of survival kit in your car!

shana said...

LOVE the pictures. Sounds like quite the adventure!!

Vickers said...

Talk about a trip to the old west where you can drive for miles and see only beautiful nature.