Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She is still moo-vin an groo-vin !

Yes ladies that is her natural hair color her sisters and daughters are all grayer than her can you believe it? Eighty years old and just barely a touch of gray. Today is the official birthday of my mom we will be celebrating on Saturday with lots of family and friends. My sister Ina is in the air right now flying in from Wisconsin. Will post more about this birthday bash after the party.

One day when Kacy and I were at Moms helping her around the house Kacy noticed this little picture on the fridge and I mean little about the size of a business card. She could see initials in the corner of it so she asked Mom about it. Mom told her about one day when she was complaining (just a little) to my Dad that he never brought her flowers any more, so he drew up this little picture to make her happy. So here you are Mom a little bouquet of flowers for you on our birthday! Love you.


Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom, she looks great! Hope you will have many more years together in good health! The tulips are priceless, those are the little gifts that really matters don't you think?

Vickers said...

The haircolor is all in the genes. Just pray you inherit that particular gene. My mom, at 91, still has her blonde hair with very little gray. Her brother died at 93 with his blond hair. But my dad, your mom's brother, not only is partially bald, but gray and bald. Go figure.

Sioux said...

This lady is AMAZING - as we mentioned at her celebration tonite, she has all the original stuff except her teeth! Good job, and much love to my sis.