Sunday, February 6, 2011

Look what the Wind blew in!

Last week we got hit with one of our famous *East Wind Storms*. Our little county has a reputation when it comes to these little wind bursts you can almost predict when you are going to get hit, we get a heavy cloud that lays down on top of the mountains that does not budge. It can flip semi truck trailers over and snap big power polls. I remember when I was young and we had a power outage due to one of these wind storms. We spent the day at my grandmother's house with a blanket up to the openings of her kitchen to help keep it warmer and maybe even help shield us from windows that may be broken. With her gas stove cranked up and the oven door opened providing us with heat.
So it was during the last one that I noticed this little hawk out back hanging around while the trees were swaying to and fro. I had a little motion sickness kick in while trying to focus on him with the winds blowing me around and him at the same time. I have a feeling he knows I have over fed all my little birds to much and they are looking mighty plump and delicious.

Can hardly wait for the warmth of the sun to come.

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Vickers said...

Those windstorms across the mountains and down through the valleys are quite brutal. Around here we get some awesome downbursts. Never a dull day, hey.